Daphne Huang, Suyu Ren, Annie Lee.

@my Responsibilities:

Research, Concept Generation & Development, Product Design
UI/UX Design ( User flow (Partial) - Low Fidelity Mockup (Partial) - High Fidelity Mockup )


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“Over three quarter of people think that the news on mass media is inaccurate. It is not worth it for war correpondents to take such a risk…”

@ Journalists are lossing motivation when realize readers does not trust them.
@ Accuracy and instansy is hurt by the long process.


A 10-year experience
conflict journalist


An Android-based platform that connects journalists and news consumers closely.
Instructor:Jeff Higashi, Brian Boyl
Outpost compair to traditional mass media:

Design Development

Style Guide

Second slide

Outpost App consumer version

Software Used:
Sketch, Framer and After Effect

Outpost App journalist version

Software Used:
Sketch, Framer and After Effect

Outpost Web

Software Used:
Adobe XD and Photoshop

Outpost Band

Software Used:
Solidworks, Adobe XD and Photoshop

@Last but not least:

Outpost represents our vision of the news media in the future. Since the information revolution, people have been enabled to transfer information through thousands of miles and update recent life with the whole world. However, how we receive news have not changed. Mass media still controls the majority of the serious news that is being spread. We believe it is time to start a revolution: Having a more flattened structure in the news industry, a more decentralized system rather than a centralized one. Let the viewers talk to the reporters directly, in order to make news lighter, faster and more objective and fun.

longtao wang @ Aug 21th 2016